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Dive into our world where storytelling and community thrive. Join us in our mission to fund future filmmakers and change lives on the big screen.

Crafting Connections through Storytelling

With every line of dialogue, we are the creators behind the screen. The collaborative process of filmmaking balances precision and creativity so we can share the stories on the biggest screens of our lives.

Explore What We Watch™ Projects

Discover unique projects that shape the future of the entertainment industry. From innovative student artists to the seasoned filmmaker, explore and support the latest endeavors of our community.

Submit a Student Artist or Project

Unleash creativity by showcasing upcoming talent and visionary projects. Your submission could be the next big thing!

Make a Donation

Fuel the fund of filmmaking by making a contribution that directly supports projects of independent artists and students in Southern California and North Texas.

Fund a Film

Coming soon! An exciting opportunity to join forces with independent filmmakers allowing donors a more hands-on approach in the pre-production and post-production processes.

Enjoy the Art on the Big Screen

Witness the impact of your contributions as we bring these incredible projects to life on the big screen. We'll keep you in the loop as we bring more projects to our film festival, Seen on the Scene.


Our Impact So Far

We're proud to have invested over $73,000 since 2020. This includes film festival ticket sales, project fundraising, donations, and dedicated sponsors. Your contributions have fueled our ability to support more projects, connect artists in Hollywood, host live events for our community, and garner nationwide recognition from various productions companies and moguls. Thank you for being a part of our empire.

Seen on the Scene Spotlight

Hear from our community members about the positive impact of your support.

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Show your support for our film & TV community by purchasing our What We Watch™ merchandise. Each purchase supports our mission of fostering creativity in storytelling and highlighting the artists behind your favorite films and TV shows.

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