Fuel the Fun in Filmmaking

Your contribution makes a difference in the world of entertainment in Hollywood. Choose a cause that resonates with you and make a donation today. You’ll receive a personalized package including the name of project, timeline to completion, and gain priority access and discounted tickets to all networking events.

How Can I Support?


Capture the moments of fun on film, decorate your refrigerator and living room, and let people know you're a part of a community that keeps the world colorful and bright!

Choose a Creative Journey

Independent Films Fund

Support the production and promotion of independent films.

Student Education Support

Empower the next generation of artists through educational programs.

Screenwriter Development Fund

Nurture the art of storytelling behind the big screen.

Actor's Audition Assistance

Facilitate auditions and career development for actors.

Director's Equipment Fund

Provide access to high-quality equipment for directors.

University Program Initiatives

Collaborate with universities to empower creative young adults.

Funding for Filmmakers

Are you an artist with a great project in need of funds, set locations, producers, or more? Apply for funding now and let us be a part of your creative journey.

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