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Keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming events that promise entertainment, inspiration, and community engagement. From exclusive film screenings to artists' happy hours, we look forward to seeing you tapped into What We Watch™ for 2024.


Seen on the Scene

Relive the movie magic of our inaugural film festival through our photo gallery. Our community comes together to cultivate, celebrate, and connect through the art of filmmaking. Check out snapshots of the scene and get a glimpse into the vibrant atmosphere that defines us. You don't have to miss the next event!

Impact and Achievements

Sponsors for a Creative Future

Every What We Watch™ event is home to a community that holds relationships paramount. Your sponsorship increases the leverage each independent filmmaker has to improve the world of film & TV.

Independent Films

Funds raised support the production and promotion of independent films, giving a platform to emerging filmmakers and their unique visions.

Student Tuition

Your contributions help students pursue education in fine arts, opening doors to a world of creativity and success.

Supporting Screenwriters

We invest in the storytellers of tomorrow, providing resources and opportunities for screenwriters to develop their craft.

Helping Actors Audition

Funds are dedicated to programs that assist actors in their audition journeys, fostering talent and diversity in the entertainment industry.

Director’s Equipment

By supporting our events, you contribute to the availability of high-quality equipment for directors, enhancing the production value of their projects.

Production Studio RENTALS

Funds raised go towards the development and maintenance of production studios, creating spaces for artists to bring their visions to life.

University Program Initiatives

We collaborate with universities to develop initiatives that empower students in pursuing careers in film, creative writing, design, and more.

Your Impact in Action

Through your attendance and financial contributions, we’ve achieved remarkable milestones. The funds raised from our events have funded independent films, audiobook series, provided internships, and supported the growth of independent artists in Southern California and North Texas.

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