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How can I support the community?

Have questions about sponsorship, our upcoming events, making donations, finding recommendations on films, or additional ways to keep up with the community?

Send us a message and one of our team members will be in touch!

What We Watch™ FAQs

We appreciate your interest in supporting our community! To explore sponsorship opportunities, visit our dedicated SPONSOR PAGE for more info then come back here and submit your info! Your partnership empowers today’s artists to enjoy the films and shows of tomorrow.

Joining our amazing community chats is easy! Join us on X Spaces to see upcoming chats with @mspeacherino! Feel free to email us for step-by-step instructions on becoming a part of the conversations online or hosting your own discussion!

We look forward to having you!

Absolutely! If you have any YouTube videos that focus on anything film & TV, please send the files or links with a blurb about the episode. We will review for approval, ensuring your content gets the spotlight it deserves and promote collaboration within our community.

Our nonprofit branch of What We Watch™  is dedicated to empowering children of divorced parents, ages 13-23, providing access to arts, humanities, and multimedia courses in higher education. This initiative is currently empowering the vision of students in North Texas and Southern California, shaping the creative future of Hollywood.

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